Redskins QB Alex Smith "You never know which plays end up making the difference"

QB Alex Smith speaks to the media following practice Monday.

On the game against Denver Broncos:

"I think some missed opportunities certainly for us in the pass game. You know little things, which it always is. For me, you never know which plays end up making the difference and in a preseason game, limited opportunities, we knew that. You dont know how many series youre going to get but certainly you never know which play is going to make the difference with your opportunities out there. For me looking back, certainly that second play taking the sack was costly. I felt like we had the chance to get some great rhythm going after we ripped off that first run. I would love to have had that one back. Other than that, I mean, there were some chances there to be made. It was close, playing against good defense. They were playing fast and we were just off here or there. Some good things to learn from for us especially those fourth down situations, some third down stuff to learn from and build off of."

On his comfort level with the amount of reps he got in the preseason:

"Yeah, I am. Preseason is a unique, unique deal and those games are very unique. Every team handles them differently in how much they prepare, prep and game plan and things like that and health obviously factors into that. I dont think necessarily playing however many more snaps come opener necessarily makes that big of a difference at this point in my career. So, I think weve gotten great work in camp. From day one, theres been a sense of urgency every day. Weve made the most of every day I feel like. You know those are obviously decisions that get made and like I said, you dont know. Obviously, you prepare the best you can and coaches try to make the best decisions they can based off all the variables and you move forward. Theres certainly no dwelling on the fact that of Oh I wish I wouldve played a little bit more. Listen we -- the opener is sitting right where it is and were still preparing for it."

On the benefit of watching film on other teams during preseason:

"Yeah, yeah but at the same time though, I mean I could make the argument youre like well I dont want to put a lot of tape out there for these guys -- the opponents that were playing. I mean its such a double-edge sword and I think you could talk yourself in circles with that argument, so I think you try to do the best you can. Like I said, there is no perfect answer. Theres no right answer. I think if wed have played a bunch of snaps or we didnt, I dont think that necessarily is going to have a crazy bearing on the outcome of the opener I guess is my point. I dont think theres any perfect or right answer like I said. I think you just try to make the best decision based on all the variables. I think weve gotten great work to answer the question -- had a week of practice against the Jets was amazing, going against our defense everyday gives us plenty of different looks. This isnt a defense that only plays one look. I mean they make us prepare for everything, so no I do feel prepared."

On being teammates with RB Adrian Peterson:

"I dont give it too much thought other than obviously pretty cool to play with Adrian. Ive been a fan of his from afar for a long time and obviously watched him play a lot of games from the other sideline and cool to share a backfield with him, but other than that, this isnt really a time necessarily for reflection like that. [Im] pumped to play together. Were both trying to go out and prove something. Were both trying to go help this team win ball games, doing everything that we can to do that. I mean come offseason, I think we can reminisce."

On if the possibility of not playing against the Baltimore Ravens pushes him to prepare for the Arizona Cardinals:

"Its both. I mean I think the best competition is to go against each other. I think play fast, still get and take advantage of reps, working on things. Ive had a great opportunity the last couple weeks now to get some great reps with Jordan [Reed], with CT [Chris Thompson] out there in the practice field in a good environment, in a competitive environment. Those have been invaluable. For us, getting Jamison [Crowder] back in and working, so thats been great. Its been great, like I said, going against our defense every day. They make you prepare for everything. They have every defense I think known to man in their call sheet so they make you prepare for a lot, which is great work for us as an offense. So, yeah, but a little bit of both, I think Id be lying if I said I didnt watch the Arizona [Cardinals] game the other night. You know, you are slowly getting ready for that, but at the same time, were just trying to -- Im trying to win every play I can against our defense out here. "

On where he feels the offense is at:

"I mean thats a progression that never ends. You know youre always working on that regardless of the injuries. I mean that there theres always going to be injuries and guys working back in and youre always trying to get better in a lot of facets of your game as an offense. I think our strength eventually will be for one, I think the talent and the play-making that we have, but I think our ability to do just about anything on a football field when it comes to offense. I think being able to stretch the field vertically, horizontally. I think being able to pound the ball to spread them out, misdirection. I mean I think to be able to do a lot that is a strength of ours. I think with that the guys have to be able to handle a lot mentally, you know, and I think the details that I just talked about they get magnified sometimes because we do a lot and we put a lot on everybody and I think thats a great thing and I think that we have high expectations for ourselves. Thats part of the deal is that the details get magnified."

On how the talent of this team stacks up against previous teams he has made the playoffs with:

"Yeah, Im not going to compare any teams, or guys, or anything like that. Without a doubt, we have the talent to go do everything we want and everything we talk about. We got what it takes. I think thats a bigger challenge because of that, because weve got the talent, thats a bigger challenge laying right in front of us. Right? Therere no excuses, and thats exciting. So yeah, absolutely weve got what it takes."

On using his mobility:

"Its a fine line and youre never going to be totally right. You know, I was trying to use my legs on the second play of the game [vs. Denver Broncos] and took a six-yard sack, so youre never going to be totally right, but you certainly hope it bails you out. I think the ability to extend plays and remain a passer, I think the ability to use your legs and become a runner, I think those are things that can really help you over the course of a game and over the course of the season. I think theres a lot of hidden yardage out there, I think if you can help convert one or two first downs a game with your legs, whether it be extending the play, or moving them and running, is all kinds of hidden yardage that stacks up over a season and sometimes can be the difference in wins and losses. So, you just try to let those plays come to you, you try not to force it. Your job is to be a passer first, but certainly when those opportunities present themselves, youd love to be able to recognize them and capitalize."

On trying to gain chemistry with each player and specifically WR Jamison Crowder:

"There are so many nuances, from the play call that we have on, and how that play call stacks up for the twelve different looks. He could get, leverage-wise, defensive calls, and I mean, its being able to handle that on the fly, at the snap. He [Crowder] and I having the communication obviously with what we are coached to do and going out there and executing and everybody has their own flavor and a little bit of the reps is just getting on the same page with that. Right? Having a feel for a guy, body language; you know Jamison has such good body language. Hes easy to throw to and very natural to read as a quarterback. I mean it makes my job easy."

On WR Cam Sims:

"Cam from day one kind of come in and made plays, I feel like. I mean physically, hes a very gifted guy. Hes made the most opportunities when hes been out there. Certainly, I think is a guy who I know in the quarterback room we feel comfortable about giving fifty-fifty balls to, giving him a chance to go make plays, and more often than not hes made us look good. You know, got a little sidetracked here and [Cam is] a little banged up, but nice to get him hopefully back out there because I think hes got a bright future."