Why the Redskins weren't chosen for Hard Knocks 2019

Washington was one of just a few teams eligible for this year's edition, but didn't make the cut.

HBO pulled back the curtain on their plans for the 2019 edition of their legendary documentary series, "Hard Knocks" on Tuesday, revealing a pirate's chest worth of potential content. The series takes a 24/7 approach to one team's training camp each season.

The league's featured team this year will be none other than the Oakland Raiders and their ship's captain, head coach Jon Gruden. Washington was one of the teams in the running, but they were not as good as a draw as what the Raiders having going between their enigmatic head coach, inexperienced GM in Mike Mayock, and big-ticket draw free agent Antonio Brown.


Redskins fans will have to rely on local coverage to get the inside scoop on the first days of the Dwayne Haskins experience.