Welcome to Distant Rewind, Where Sports History Comes Back to Life

Sal Maiorana

Welcome to Distant Rewind, a site dedicated to re-living the greatest games, moments, and performances in the history of America’s most popular sports.

Although I am best known as the Buffalo Bills beat reporter the past 29 years for the Democrat and Chronicle in Rochester, New York, one of my greatest passions – my other hobby besides golf – is researching and writing about sports history.

My daily job covering the Bills requires me to write about what’s happening today and tomorrow, but at Distant Rewind, I flip the script and write about what happened yesterday, last week, last year, last decade, and last century.

The focus will primarily be on the four major sports, football, baseball, basketball and hockey, but there will be some other surprises from the worlds of golf, boxing, tennis, and the Olympics.

The mission statement is simply this: If it was worth remembering, then it belongs on Distant Rewind.

Fresh content will be added constantly, so bookmark the site and check it out every day because you never know what you might find, perhaps a story about your favorite team or player, or maybe a game that you personally attended.

You will either see original stories written by me, or links to history pieces that I have collected from around the web. Distant Rewind will be your one-stop shop for all things sports history.

So, I invite you to join me for a journey back through the years that hopefully will interest and enlighten everyone from smart phone-toting Millennials to newspaper-reading Baby Boomers and Generation X'ers.