Saints quotebook: CB Ken Crawley (August 10, 2018)

Ken Crawley says the Saints defense didn't play up to its standards in preseason opener.

New Orleans Saints Cornerback Ken Crawley

Friday, August 10 2018

Your review of your personal play and the defense play in general last night, what did you think?

“I will not center myself out, but overall I feel like we didn’t play up to our standard like the number one group coming out. For me and the whole group we understand that. Some of the guys that we have who are kind of new guys are new to this defense. I feel like we just didn’t play like how we have been playing and that’s my take on it.”

Why do you think that is, was it communication?

“There’s a lot of misfits in the defense going against their offense and simple stuff that they were doing, and we couldn’t get up to speed. It was just the first preseason game and everyone is going to have mistakes. This is just one out of the way and you just have to keep calm.”

When you have miscues like that is it frustrating not being able to get out there in the second half and get it right back?

“No. We knew our mistakes. In the second half other groups came in and showed out. Guys put pressure on the quarterback and we settled down.”

When you see those guys come back and tie the score and then take the lead, does it kind of make you want to be out there?

“Yes. They have been doing the same over and over as the game progressed. It wasn’t stuff that we are seeing on tape, we just have to go to it during the game.”

Safe to say everything you saw from the first unit it was correctable, right?

“Yes. We are just out of pace some drives, doing our first preseason game. This stuff that can be corrected in practice.”

I heard you guys say third down defense is something you want to improve this year, and you guys kind of struggled on it a little bit last night. How do you improve that?

“It starts here in practice. We have not been halfway through camp and our emphasis is (on) two-minute. I know we did great on two-minute. I think we had one at the end of the half and I think we had one at the end of the game. Those are our key points of emphasis that third down and two-minute. I feel like we did good on that part but we still need some practice.”

I know it’s the preseason, but did it feel good getting on the plane even knowing that you guys had some hiccups here and there, coming home with the win?

“Yes it felt good. I know that win didn’t cancel out everything, but just coming home with that win makes everything a little bit easier. We still have to go back to work.”