Saints quotebook: Demario Davis (December 10, 2018)

Linebacker talks about winning the NFC South and other goals that await

New Orleans Saints Linebacker Demario Davis

Conference Call with New Orleans Media

Monday, December 10, 2018

Is this the best defensive unit you have been a part of?

“I don’t know. I’ve been a part of some pretty good defensive units when I was with Rex (Ryan) and Todd Bowles. What we've been doing is pretty good I guess.”

What have you guys been doing well? what has made you guys been able to gel and come together down the stretch here?

“I think just execution. What our coach ask us to do. We have goals during the week. Stopping the run, affecting the pass game, get off the field on third down, be good in the red zone, create takeaways. We've been able to do those things and have success.”

How special was it for you all to win the division yesterday, but to also come home and you’re the number one seed and you control your own destiny as far as hosting throughout the playoffs?

“It's a step in the right direction. All our goals are intact and all the goals that we set out for (us) are right in front of us. You can't take it for granted. Doing something like winning the division is hard to do in this league and so you appreciate that, but then you have to turn the page and get ready for what’s in front you.”

Did you get a chance to watch the Rams and the Bears last night?

“I got to watch a little bit of it. I was mostly home just playing with my kids when I got in.”

What has maybe surprised or impressed you with Cam (Jordan) compared to maybe what you expected when you got here?

“He's exceeded my expectations. I knew he was one of the top pass rushers in the league, but to see firsthand the impact he has on games it’s phenomenal.”

What are some of the things that (Sheldon) Rankins does in the middle that might help you and the rest of the defense?

“He's as good as they come. Great in the run game. Unlockable in the pass game. If they try to leave him one on one he’s going to get to the quarterback. He’s a beast. All those guys up front are playing remarkable right now. I think our defensive line is what’s anchoring our defense right now.”

Is it a little easier to focus on the one game at a time thing when you only get three left in the regular season or is it actually that a little harder knowing that you’re kind of close to wrapping up goals?

“You let the results take care of themselves. You want to throughout the season perfect your process and at this point your process should be pretty much perfected. You just stay with the process. Just trust the process and let the results take care of itself.”

Alex Okafor was saying yesterday that is what you guys have done really well. You've actually managed to kind of flush out whatever happened on Sunday, Thursday, or Monday and treat every week new. Why do you think you guys have been good at that especially some young guys on the defense?

“I think we have good veteran leadership in the locker room. A good veteran presence, a lot of young guys look to it. That’s what the older guys are doing. Every week they turn the page win, lose, or draw. We’re onto the next and lock in on a new mission. I just think that the energy is just contagious.”

Do you feel like your role in the defense and in the locker room has evolved throughout the season? Just being your first year and getting used to the guys and the guys getting used to you also. Did anything change after week three when you had those shootouts in two of the first three games of the season with Tampa Bay and Atlanta? Do you recall how you kind of approached going forward with the determination to improve?

“My process has been pretty much steady. I know what my coaches ask me to do each week and so I am locking in on my assignment and just trying to execute that as best as possible. You just feel the comradery on the defense and everybody doing the same. Everybody kind of understands what their role is and what they need to bring to the table and what the coaches are asking them to do week in week out and locking in on doing it. That's what we do as players. Coaches come up with a game plan and all you have do is lock in on executing it. It’s that simple”

Just someone asking you from a layman's standpoint, how do you explain the first three weeks and the last five weeks? Statistically, it just looks like two completely different teams and obviously most of it's the same personnel. What do you attribute that to?

“When you succeed on your goals it looks good and when you don't it doesn’t. It kind of sounds monotonous, but our goals are to stop the run, get after the quarterback, get off the field on third down, be good in the red zone, create takeaways. That's our goal every week. When we execute and do our goals it looks good and when we don’t it doesn’t look so good.”

As a veteran, did you see the potential to have that kind of dramatic of an improvement and evolution. Is there moral to the story about not prejudging what you have in the locker room and on the field too early in the season?

“I just think every game is different. Every game is different. You just have to play the game that’s in front. We've had some where we’ve had to play good defensively and we've had some where we just needed to get a stop here and there. it's about playing the game in front of you. Every one of them is different. It's not like you look at it as stringing them together or anything like that. It’s just one game at a time and just play what’s in front of you and try to execute.”