Saints quotebook: Michael Thomas (July 27, 2018)

Wide receiver talks about battling Defensive Rookie of the Year Marshon Lattimore during practice

New Orleans Saints Wide Receiver Michael Thomas

Friday, July 27, 2018

Is there a little more competition/depth at the wide receiver corps this year than the last couple years?

“Yes. We have a lot of hungry guys in there, young guys that compete every day and take coaching, so I feel like the sky’s the limit.”

Was strength a big part of your offseason work? We saw some stuff on Instagram and Twitter.

“Just consistently taking care of my body. Doing things right like training, eating right, just doing all those things right. That’s what I did for my offseason.”

What are those battles like with Marshon (Lattimore) out here?

“They’re great. I appreciate them a lot. He comes out every day, we compete, and we are getting each other better. We talk to each other and then we know once we get in the locker room, we know how to be brothers and be out here and help each other be better.

He talks a lot?

“Yeah, he has fun He has a good spirit.”

How much do you think the balance last year could help the offense maybe in the passing game be better this year?

“(We have to) Just keep building. We have a lot of talent. As long as the guys do their job and play to their potential, we can win a lot of football games here. Keeping each other honest and knowing when our opportunity presents itself and making the play, that is going to change us. That is the ultimate goal in winning the game.”

How do you evaluate the group of weapons that you have?

“Across the board, everyone, even the offensive line is solid. As long as we just play to our potential and block out all the noise and take coaching…we have great coaches here, so (as long as we) use them and just take advantage of the tools that we have in the toolbox, we’ll be good.”

Mark (Ingram) was saying yesterday that he’s excited about the idea that an opponent could stack the box. Do you think that’s even a possibility?

“Yeah we kind of just treat it like a tag team. If they stack the box then we know as receivers we need to get open and make the play, get them to back off, then hand the ball off to the guys in the backfield. That’s team football and that’s what we’re doing.”

What do you see as the next step when you’ve set the bar as high as you have the first two years?

“Just take the coaching. I have a tremendous (position) coach (in Curtis Johnson), who has a lot of pride and confidence. He wants to get us better, so just take his coaching. He is going to keep me honest. Also, along with Ronald Curry (Curtis’ assistant). Those guys, they keep me honest and they keep me disciplined. Always coaching me even if it’s on the littlest things. That’s how I create big plays for this team on Sundays.”