Saints quotebook: Pete Carmichael (December 21, 2018)

Coordinator talks about getting the offense back on track

New Orleans Saints Offensive Coordinator Pete Carmichael

Conference Call with Local Media

Friday, December 21, 2018

What have you seen from Mark Ingram over the years?

“I think like any player over the years you learn from experience and you grow that way. He’s always been a guy that’s passionate and has a ton of energy. A great teammate, he’s a great football player and the thing about Mark is you’re comfortable handing him the ball, you’re comfortable throwing him the ball out of the backfield, splitting him out. He's got versatility. Just like any player over the years his game has grown. But he's obviously a big part of what we do.”

What has Ingram brought to the locker room?

“I think he's a great teammate, he cares about them and he's passionate. I think they respect his game, how he plays, how he goes out and gives effort, 100 percent effort. He's always bringing his best and I think that the players, like I said they respect that and I think that it's mutual between him and the players and I think he just has a great relationship with so many guys.”

Is this Steelers defense probably about the same as every other Pittsburgh defense in the past several years?

“I’d say that every time you get ready to play them you just see what a great defense they have. They do a great job with their front seven getting pressure, handling the running game. They’re multiple in their personnel groupings and what they do coverage scheme wise. I think that it is always a tough opponent to prepare for. You know we’re going to get there best.”

Is it important to get the run game going this week?

“Yeah, I think over the last couple weeks there are things for us that we have got to clean up. We played some good defenses, but there are also things we have done to hurt ourselves, some missed opportunities. We have to clean up some of the penalties. We can't be getting ourselves in third and long situations as much as we have been. It is just things as a coaching staff we've got to clean up and get better (with).”

What's been one of the biggest differences you think between the Saints screen game from this year to last year?

“I think we put a lot of emphasis on it, just like we do all parts of the game and just some things haven't gone our way and again, we're in here, we're coaching, we're trying to get better and we're keep working at it.”

Why has the offensive line done such a good job limiting the penalties?

“I think they have done a really great job, our offensive line, just really throughout the whole season, all those guys. We've had to mix up some lineups at times, but I think those guys play with such discipline and Dan Roushar obviously does a great job with them with their technique and their fundamentals and I think that helps limit maybe some of the holding calls and stuff like that. I think they've been playing at a high level.”

How do you teach and instill that blocking discipline?

“I think like I said, it starts with in training camp with Dan Roushar and Brendan Nugent and just the teaching and those guys are playing well and you said it. There's probably times where you could call it on a lot of plays. But I think that for the most part these guys have been playing well.”

How do you think Will Clapp and Cameron Tom filled in last week?

“I think they filled in and did a great job and as they came in we were able to run the ball and I think that they did a really an outstanding job filling in.”

Were you scrambling at all trying to think of who would be the emergency offensive lineman when Jermon Bushrod departed on Monday and if another lineman had gotten hurt?

“We always have a plan in place. We just hope it never gets to that. But there's been times where it's come close and it's obviously things that we discussed about during the week and you just hope it doesn't come up.”

Do you ever notice when Alvin Kamara jumps and gets hit hard and just pops right back up?

“It's pretty amazing, where sometimes you'll watch a play from one angle and you think, oh man he's got to be on the ground and then you watch it from there and he disappears off the screen and you watch it from another angle and you're like Oh man, he's still up. I think he's just got such great balance and like you're saying some of the things that he's able to do is pretty special.”

Does it surprise you those hard falls never phase him?

“You are absolutely right. He has just kind of got a knack (to) keep his balance and keep going. Even when you’re saying, even when he lands hard and he just kind of has that feel right.”