Saints quotebook: Ryan Ramczyk (December 24, 2018)

Saints tackle says his injured ankle will be fine

New Orleans Saints Tackle Ryan Ramczyk

Conference Call with New Orleans Media

Monday, December 24, 2018

How does it feel to have Christmas on your normal Tuesday off?

“Yes, it’s kind of cool it does fall on our day off and enjoy the time (with families). I don’t think it happens very often that it falls on the day off. Pretty special and pretty cool. Going to enjoy the holiday at home.”

How are you feeling after you left yesterday’s game?

“Yeah I'm not too bad really. I tweaked my ankle a little, but was able to tape it up and get back out there and I’m actually feeling pretty good today. I’ll be good.”

Do you feel like the offense got back on track yesterday?

“Yeah, yesterday we wanted to go out there and run the ball, as well throw the ball. Attack them in that way and up front we did run the ball. We take pride in running the ball and I think we could've done a little bit better job in some aspects there. Overall, we got the win and that's what we play for. Happy with the turnout yesterday.”

What does it say about Alvin Kamara as an athlete on that play before the field goal that allowed for it near the end of the first half?

“That's huge. We go through situations each week in practice and for him to be able to make that catch and run and get out of bounds with time left on the clock and in field goal position, that's big to be able to score points going into the half and then we were able to come out in the second half with the ball. That was definitely clutch.”

What does is say about this offensive line with guys like Andrus Peat able to play multiple positions?

“It's been huge this year. Some guys have gone down. I know yesterday I went down and Andrus (Peat) had to swing over to right tackle. I don’t know when the last time he played right tackle was, but we got guys like that who can move around the line and play different positions. That is so vital and critical to the offensive line and our production and our offense. I praise all the guys who stepped up yesterday and filled those positions.”

How tough is that for Andrus Peat to play left tackle, left guard and right tackle?

“Well I think it's extremely difficult. I know last year after I went from left to right tackle and as far as the playbook goes it's the same it’s just flipped. But (if) you go from guard to tackle it’s different. You have different combinations, you have different set patterns. That’s not an easy thing to do. It shows a lot about him as a person and a player, that he can deal with that and then succeed at those positions.”

How big was Michael Thomas touchdown catch yesterday?

“We always have the confidence in our offense and defense as well. But Drew (Brees) comes in there and he never gets too high, never gets too low. He's the same person every single snap and I think when we’re in the huddle you see that and it calms us as an offense and we can accomplish whatever we need to do. We go out there confident every play even when the game’s on the line like it was last night. Definitely, a lot of confidence in the huddle.”

From the win streak, to the last three four weeks of close games, how does that affect your impression of this team thus far?

“I think we're a resilient team. In this league I've watched enough games growing up and this was only my second year, but not every NFL game is a blowout. Even if you have a dominant offense or defense. It just doesn't happen a lot in the NFL. We know that that's not a common occurrence and I think later in the year you have to battle through some games and I think that shows you what kind of team we have and I don't want to say we got used to blowing out teams, but there was a point where, now we're playing in a close game and I think it just shows the resilience our team has and the confidence we have to go out there and even if we're down we're going to battle and put our best foot forward and get out there and do what we have to do.”