Saints quotebook: S Marcus Williams (August 11, 2018)

Second-year DB talks about what the defense needs to clean up

New Orleans Saints Safety Marcus Williams

Saturday, August 11,2018

What was your evaluation of how the defense played overall on Thursday night? “I do not think we played that great. We have a lot of mental errors we need to clean up. It's just the first game. Those things are going to happen your first game, tackling wrapping up those things are going to come as we continue to play.”

How would you say that process of getting the new pieces sort of integrated is coming so far?

“It’s coming along great. We all are trying to create that bar right now. New guys come in, old guys are still here but everybody communicates, gets in and hangs out. So, we do all those things just to come together as one.”

Youlook so much more comfortable right now. How comfortable do you feel in this defense right now?

“It's just a process. Every day you have to get better, I just focus on getting better each day that helps me get comfortable in the film room, in the playbook. It just helps me become a better player really.”

Do you feel like you can rely on your instincts more just knowing the defense and where you’re supposed to be, is it a little bit easier?

“I rely on my film study; my instincts, I rely on everything put together. You don't just rely on one thing. Great players have a lot of things in their repertoire to be better, so I have a lot of things in my bag in order to be best on the field.”

What does it mean to you hear Drew Brees’ name in conjunction with your name?

“It means a lot, just coming out here focusing and practicing everyday with a great quarterback like him just helps me to get better. With him out here throwing the ball, coaching and you know he's coaching me, he sees me out there. I see him and every time I see him I’m like ‘I have to make a play.’ He’s helping me to be better for the other quarterbacks I'm going to play. It makes it easier for me. Having a great quarterback like him is just going to make me better.”

What kind of things does he coach you on?

“He’s just telling me if you're going over here, I'm trying to scare you off so don’t try to get out of the middle too quick because I’m going to throw it on that hash if you get out of the hash. Those little tips I need for other quarterbacks when I go up against them.”