AAF pool adding depth to the Steelers safety position

The Pittsburgh Steelers were one of many teams picking from the roster of AAF players looking for a home, and they may have found a diamond in the rough in the process.

Kameron Kelly showed he's worth an NFL tryout during his short AAF career. The former San Diego stud made waves during the league's only season, and found himself as one of the many players finding homes in the NFL.

The AAF did what it was intended to do - bring players to the league. Not everyone proved themselves worthy of another NFL tryout, but many did. Including Kelly, the cornerback who's making noise in Pittsburgh playing all over the defensive backfield.

When Sean Davis left practice with a minor injury, Kelly stepped in with first-team reps. Not Jordan Dangerfield and not Marcus Allen, Kameron Kelly. And it didn't take long for him to start showing reliability with the starting group. 

Which leaves the question - how far can Kelly make it in Pittsburgh? For right now, he's still hoping to land the 90-man roster, but if this summer continues to go as it has through OTAs, the AAF standout find himself putting on the black and gold every Sunday.

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