Family football is the motto for Pittsburgh Steelers moving forward

The Pittsburgh Steelers win best when they win together and for the first time in years this team is ready to be a family again. Which means for the first time in years, they're truly ready to win.

What stood out during the second week of Steelers OTAs was the family atmosphere. Everyone is present, the team is motivated and everyone seems to be getting along. It's a new group of guys in Pittsburgh and it's showing, quickly. 

Maurkice Pouncey said it best when talking to Trib Review reporter Joe Rutter, "The bonds are a little stronger. Guys really know that family wins football games. You’ve got to stick together. You can’t just go out with one player and do it. Everyone has to do their part”.

It's true. Pittsburgh wins when everyone is on the same page. This page isn't about one person getting stats or having major seasons. It's not about a star getting more playing time than the rest of the team. It's about bringing all 53 men together to compete for a championship. 

Which also brings up Sean Davis. Davis has had his ups and downs in Pittsburgh, but at the end of the day, he's worth a long-term deal. He's becoming a veteran presence in the secondary and one of the most reliable tacklers in the NFL. 

He wants to stay in Pittsburgh for a long time and the Steelers should honor it. Because if everyone works out, Davis is a part of the family this team is building.

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