Saturday Night Likes: Steelers have three young players who can make a splash

T.J. Watt is going to be something special. Well, he already is, but this season could be even bigger. And the Steelers have plenty of receivers, including two speedsters one offensive lineman loves.

T.J. Watt wants to be a tone setter in 2019, but he was one in 2018. This season, it'll be no surprise when he's pushing for the Pro Bowl. And with the inside linebackers adding talent and the secondary rounding out, Watt should have less on his plate to make plays happen. 

Diontae Johnson and James Washington have plenty of expectations this season. For Johnson, he's the new, exciting wideout. A suburb route runner with a MAC attitude and some big play skill. For Washington, he's looking to bounce back after a slow start to his NFL career. But with some new-found confidence, he should be a reliable deep threat in 2019. 

The two have something in common, though - Ramon Foster's praise. The offensive guard had nothing but positive things to say about the young receivers, leaving plenty of hope in the eyes of Steelers' fans.

Finally, a dislike that doesn't necessarily mean it's a bad thing. Sutton Smith is playing fullback, but why? The Steelers have an extremely talented fullback in Roosie Nix, and if anyone should be a backup it's Trey Edmunds. There's no real reason to have Smith playing offense, defense and special teams. 

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