Steelers next offseason step lays in hands of Mike Tomlin

Rookie minicamp has closed and now, the Pittsburgh Steelers will take time to redefine their playbook in order to adjust their newest additions.

The summer success of the Pittsburgh Steelers now lays in the hands of Mike Tomlin. The head coach needs to do what coaches do best - adjust - in order to reshape the offense and defense for the skills of their offseason acquisitions. 

On defense, this team now needs to account for players like Mark Barron and Devin Bush. Both are linebackers who can drop back into coverage, and Barron may even take on some role at safety with Terrell Edmunds. 

Marcus Allen should find his way into the rotation, but it may be as a dimebacker. Morgan Burnett wasn’t a fan of the role, therefore, we didn’t see much. Perfecting it with Allen is now in the hands of Tomlin and Keith Butler. 

On offense, there are more weapons than this team believed was possible. Working out a game plan to account for all of their wide receivers is something they’ll want to do, and something Ben Roethlisbeger will be pushing for. 

At running back, there are now three ball carries in Pittsburgh. That means instead of their tradition starting back getting all the carries, this team needs to adjust to work in James Conner, Jaylen Samuels and Benny Snell. 

Nothing will be perfect once OTAs begin in June, but for the next few weeks, the success of the Pittsburgh Steelers is on the coaches. 

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