Did Donald Trump kill the USFL? Did Roger Goodell kill his career?

Doug Flutie and Nate Newton may have played for different USFL teams, but they share the same opinion on Donald Trump -- former USFL owner. Flutie, Newton and former USFL executives Bill Polian and Bill Kuharich join the latest Talk of Fame broadcast to relive the spring league that could have made it ... but didn't.


(Nate Newton photo courtesy of the Dallas Cowboys)

(Doug Flutie photo courtesy of the New England Patriots)

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This week’s Talk of Fame broadcast focuses on the start of the new NFL season and the demise of the USFL, the league Donald Trump drove into bankruptcy.

To revisit those days, our Rick Gosselin, Ron Borges and Clark Judge sit down with Doug Flutie and former Dallas Cowboys' All-Pro Nate Newton to recall how the Donald did them and the USFL in.

“I like his view point on a lot of issues, I really do,’’ said Flutie, who quarterbacked Trump’s New Jersey Generals with Herschel Walker in the same backfield before both left for the NFL. “But I think he’d be a scary president.

“When it comes to political office, you want someone that is able to be a little diplomatic. I think in certain areas he’d do extremely well. In other areas, he’d scare the living daylights out of all of us.’’

Newton is one of those who would be frightened, if not totally terrified, by a Trump presidency after watching the way he ran the USFL into oblivion.

“All I’m going to say is if y’all vote Donald Trump for president then the world is wrecked,’’ said the six-time Pro Bowler. “Because that’s who wrecked the USFL. I love a man who can go out and be broke five times and come back and be as rich…or better…the next time. But he ruined us.

“That league should’ve still been around. The USFL should’ve never (gone) defunct. This should’ve been something that would spring into the NFL if they had worked this right.

“Just look at the great players that came out of there. The Reggie Whites of the world. I mean, Jim Kelly. He was going to be great regardless. Anthony Carter! The NFL didn’t feel good about Anthony Carter. They said he was too slow, but he was one of the few guys in Minnesota that could take a five-yard slant and go 60 yards…for a guy that ran a 9.4 40 coming out of college, out of Michigan. We had some great players…’’

Indeed the USFL did, and we recall them not only with Flutie and Newton but also with former USFL executives Bill Polian and Bill Kuharich, as well as ex-Philadelphia Stars' and Indianapolis Colts’ head coach Jim Mora, who called coaching in the USFL one of his “most fun experiences.’’

What they also recalled was Trump’s disastrous decision to push the USFL from a spring league into head-to-head combat with the NFL in the fall. All that comes before we remember the Heartbreakers, the cheerleaders of the Boston Breakers!

The guys also kick around the biggest issues heading into the opening of the NFL’s season, including the possible rise of the Raiders, demise of the Broncos, inflation of the Patriots, deflation of Bill Belichick’s reputation and a look at the divisional races and Super Bowl dark horses and favorites.

And what’s next for commissioner Roger Goodell, who was slapped down by another federal judge and now sees his power in question in the wake of the “Deflategate’’ debacle? The Talk of Fame trio debate not only what Clark called “Brady’s greatest victory’’ but also the league’s decision to appeal and the exposes in ESPN the Magazine and Sports Illustrated, which appeared only days after Judge Richard Berman vacated Brady’s four-game suspension.

Rick’s "Dr. Data" segment explains why you can scratch New England -- as well as any team with a rookie starting at quarterback -- from your Super Bowl predictions. And he also defends the Hall-of-Fame credentials of L.C. Greenwood, the great Steelers’ defensive end of the 1970s whose candidacy has been ignored so long he’s now languishing in the senior committee pool. Rick explains why it’s justified making him the fifth member of the "Steel Curtain" defense to gain entry into Canton.

There’s the two-minute drill with Rick firing the questions of the week at Ron and Clark in search of some pithy answers and Ron’s “Borges or Bogus’’ segment, which this week points out that denial is not only a river in Egypt but also the constant position of the Patriots against ongoing charges of cheating.

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