Happy birthday, Johnny U.!

Saturday would be John Unitas' 83rd birthday, and as part of our week-long salute to the great quarterback we're redirecting you to Chris Willis' Part II and III profiles of the Hall-of-Fame quarterback through Sports Illustrated and Sport magazines.


(John Unitas photo courtesy of the Indianapolis Colts)

Talk of Fame Network

If John Unitas were alive, Saturday would be his 83rd birthday.

Sadly, the Hall-of-Fame quarterback passed away at 69 on Sept. 11, 2002 from a heart attack. But the Talk of Fame Network would like to recognize someone we recognize as the game’s best quarterback by referencing a series of magazine covers and stories compiled by Chris Willis of NFL Films for the Pro Football Journal.

Earlier this week, Willis profiled the 12 books written exclusively about Unitas, and we carried his work on the Talk of Fame Network website. But Johnny U. is of such a stature that Willis didn’t stop there. He went on to list and summarize Unitas’ appearances on the covers of Sports Illustrated and Sport magazine, which you can find by clicking on the URLs listed below.

Consider these, then, Parts II and III to the week-long celebration of a quarterback we cannot ... and should never ... forget: