How Dak Prescott's Mom keeps him away from interceptions

Dallas quarterback Dak Prescott had an unexpected ally in learning now not to throw interceptions: His mother.

Dak Prescott and interceptions go together like Brad and Angelina ... which means they don't.

As a quarterback at Mississippi State, Prescott set a school record by throwing 288 passes without a pickoff. Then, after taking over as a rookie for the injured Tony Romo in Dallas, he began his pro career with an NFL-record 176 attempts without an interception.

So what's the secret?

"Prepare," Prescott said on the latest Talk of Fame Network broadcast. "I think that's the greatest thing I can do and continue to get better at. And just for the simple fact of knowing what the defense is going to give me, knowing the plays in and out, knowing where my checkdowns are and being able to get through my progression fast.

"It just all falls back on the preparation to me and knowing when to take your chances; knowing when the reward is worth the risk for the most part."

But that's something that doesn't happen naturally. It must be acquired. And it was, with Prescott saying he gained his education at an early age ... and from one unexpected source.

"I give credit to (Mississippi State) coach Dan Mullen on teaching me that," he said. "Then also (to) my Mom for putting in the back of my head how much she hated interceptions. That allowed me to be smart with the ball."

Mother knows best.

"That's right," said Prescott.