Klecko vs. Gastineau: Which is more worthy of the Pro Football Hall of Fame?

Mark Gastineau photo courtesy NY Jets

NFL historian John Turney takes a deep dive into the Hall-of-Fame candidacies of Joe Klecko and Mark Gastineau.

With the Pro Football Hall of Fame planning to include 10 seniors in its expanded Centennial Class of 2020, people want to know just who those candidates might be.

And I don’t blame them. I do, too.

Which is why I polled the nine members of the Hall’s seniors committee this week to get their takes on the subject, even though I’m uncertain how involved they’ll be in the selection of the candidates. And what I learned is that Duke Slater and Maxie Baughan should be two of the favorites, with Alex Karras, Cliff Branch and Ken Riley not far behind.

But others were mentioned, including former Jets’ star Joe Klecko, and his name always raises the same question with me: Who’s more deserving of the Hall -- Klecko or Mark Gastineau? Both are worthy candidates, but neither has been a finalist or semifinalist.

Don’t ask me why, but both deserve to be discussed … which is precisely what NFL historian John Turney of Pro Football Journal does this week with his look at the two most prominent members of the New York Sack Exchange.

Should they be in Canton? Should one of them? Turney covers the bases, and you’ll find the answers by reading what follows:

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brian wolf
brian wolf

Great Article from John Turney, but it's really tough with both players...

Gastineau was a great speed rusher, but was he better than Cedric Hardman, Coy Bacon, Bubba Baker or Harvey Martin ? Dallas had they're best teams with Martin.

Klecko, like Dan Hampton and Howie Long, was a strong, versatile lineman, but was he better than tackles Steve McMichael, Keith Millard, Fred Smerlas or Gary Johnson, who has a ring and led the NFL in sacks ?

Lots of good pass rushers that era...