Kramer, McCarthy talk Packer dynasty

Photo courtesy of the Green Bay Packers
Photo courtesy of the Green Bay Packers

(Photo courtesy of Vernon Biever and the Green Bay Packers)

When you talk NFL dynasties, the conversation always begins with the Green Bay Packers ... and so it is this week on Talk of Fame Radio.

We continue our six-part series on the NFL's dynasties with a revealing conversation with Jerry Kramer, the most famous pulling guard in NFL history and a foundation of Vince Lombardi's five-time world champions. Kramer led the most famous play in pro football history - the Packers' power sweep - throughout the decade of the '60s when that play and his team were dominant. He also made the most famous block in NFL history in the 1967, and he tells the story of who suggested the play in the 1967 NFL championship game that won the "Ice Bowl" and sent the Packers to Super Bowl I.

"(Lombardi) enlightened us with his ancient Greek philosophy,'' Kramer recalled. "We became driven ourselves.''

Present Packers' head coach Mike McCarthy also visits the show to talk about coaching in the shadows of Lombardi and Mike Holmgren and tells us what it's like to drive every day on a street named after him. He talks, too, about the responsibility he and the present-day Packers carry to that team's 94-year history.

"(We talk to the team about) the responsibility we have to the history and the tradition of the Green Bay Packers,'' McCarthy said. "The responsibility to remember what's gone on before you and to win championships.''

In addition, Dr. Data enlightens us on the fate of rookie quarterbacks making their first starts; our "Borges or Bogus?'' segment addresses the medical credentials of "Dr.'' Jerry Jones; and the guys have their usual give-and-take (with the emphasis on the giving) in the weekly "Two-minute Drill,'' as well as grill each other on mid-season picks for MVP and other NFL honors.

It's Dynasty Week, Part II on Talk of Fame network.