Lofton loves Don Hutson; Jason Garrett faces the business of football

Hall-of-Fame receiver James Lofton and Dallas Cowboys' coach Jason Garrett are this week's guests on the Talk of Fame Network's radio broadcast, with Garrett talking the business aspects of losing DeMarco Murray and keeping Dez Bryant and Lofton telling us why former Packers' star Don Hutson is one of the two receivers he'd choose for his all-time team.


(Jason Garrett photo courtesy of Dallas Cowboys/James D. Smith)

(James Lofton photo courtesy of Buffalo Bills)

Talk of Fame Network

Dallas Cowboys’ head coach Jason Garrett has plenty on his mind these days, and he was happy to share much of it with our Hall of Fame guys – Rick Gosselin and Ron Borges – on this week’s Talk of Fame Network visit.

Garrett joined Hall-of-Fame wide receiver James Lofton as this week’s guests and spoke not only of the ongoing situation with unhappy wide receiver Dez Bryant but also of the difficult decision to part ways with the NFL’s leading rusher, DeMarco Murray.

“It was very difficult,’’ Garrett said, “but the business of the NFL is real. We love DeMarco, but he was able to go to Philadelphia and sign a longer term deal for a lot more money. These are hard decisions. There’s a business of the NFL that impacts us on a daily basis.’’

That includes Bryant, who had 1,350 receiving yards and scored 16 touchdowns for Garrett’s Cowboys last season. He is, in many ways, the beating heart of their offense. Yet his quest for security has left him not only at odds with the Cowboys, but perhaps with football reality.

“Dez wants a long-term deal,’’ Garrett said. “Everyone in the NFL wants a long-term deal.’’

Garrett also explains the coaching influence Duke University basketball coach Mike Krzyzewski has on his career and how other coaches he’s worked for influenced him.

Lofton, who now works as an analyst for Westwood One’s weekly NFL games, was one of the most prolific deep threats in NFL history. He talks with Rick and Ron about the radical changes in today’s passing game and reveals his choices if he could select any two receivers in history for his team.

His reasons for taking Don Hutson and Harold Carmichael, two picks that might surprise you, revealed the depth of Lofton’s knowledge of the game and its history.

“Don Hutson had more receiving yards one season than Sid Luckman, a Hall-of-Fame quarterback, had passing yards,’’ Lofton said. “He had Babe Ruth-type numbers.’’

Rick’s “Dr. Data’’ segment points out the importance of continuity in coaching in the AFC North and why this may be a pivotal year for Mike Pettine. Pettine led the Browns to their most wins in seven years (7), but he is their fourth head coach since 2010 and may have to take a big leap forward if he’s to survive beyond this season in a division where coaching continuity is a hallmark of stability.

The “Borges or Bogus’’ segment debates Bryant’s contractual battle with Cowboys’ owner Jerry Jones and asks if Jones’ former faith in the Super Bowl team-building concept of “the triplets’’ is no longer in vogue.

Rick states the Hall-of-Fame case for another former Cowboys’ wide receiver, Drew Pearson, and this week’s two-minute drill becomes a battle of opinions between Rick and Ron. You can hear it all on the Talk of Fame podcast on iTunes, at or on your local radio affiliate.