TOFN podcast: McGinnis -- Why my situation with Bears "a whole lot different" from McDaniels

Former NFL coach Dave McGinnis explains on the Talk of Fame Network's latest podcast why his situation in 1999 -- where he was named as the Bears' head coach before he was offered a contract '' was "a whole lot different" from Josh McDaniels and the Colts.

The Josh McDaniels episode is very strange, indeed. So strange that it reminded us of what happened in 1999 with former Chicago and Arizona assistant Dave McGinnis, who was announced as the Bears' next head coach before he was offered a contract.

True story.

So we reached out to McGinnis, who went on to become the head coach in Arizona, on Wednesday's special edition of the Talk of Fame Network podcast to get his take on the subject ... and he explained why his situation was "a whole lot different" from what happened with McDaniels and the Indianapolis Colts.

Granted, McDaniels -- the New England Patriots' offensive coordinator -- was offered a job, where McGinnis -- then Arizona's defensive coordinator -- was not. But it wasn't all that different in one respect: Both were announced, yet neither guy signed a contract.

But we didn't stop there. We also contacted Hall-of-Fame voter Gary Myers, NFL columnist with the New York Daily News, to reminisce about Bill Belichick's 24-hour tenure as head coach of the New York Jets ... with Belichick resigning one day after he'd been on the job.

That was back in 2000, and, of course, we know what happened next. The Patriots hired him and went to eight Super Bowls. The Jets haven't been to once since Joe Namath.

For more on the bizarre world of Josh McDaniels and the Indianapolis Colts, log on to our latest podcast ... and you can find it right here: