Which Division Champion is Most Likely to Take a Tumble in 2015?

Which division champion is in the most jeopardy in 2015? Vote now.

Photo courtesy of the Denver Broncos
Photo courtesy of the Denver Broncos

(DeMarco Murray photo courtesy of the Dallas Cowboys)

(Peyton Manning photo courtesy of the Denver Broncos)

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There have been 112 division champions since the NFL realigned in 2002. Less than half (49) repeated as champions the following year – and nine of those repeaters have been the New England Patriots.

Aside from the Patriots, parity doesn’t allow the good teams to stay good nor the bad teams to stay bad. New Orleans was a playoff team with an 11-5 record in 2013. But the Saints were not a playoff team with a 7-9 mark in 2014. Detroit was not a playoff team with its 7-9 record in 2013. But the Lions became a playoff team with an 11-5 record in 2014.

So who’s going up and who’s going down in 2015? Let’s focus on the arrow possibly pointing down.

What does Peyton Manning have left in the tank in Denver at 39 years of age? Can the Cowboys recover from the defection of NFL rushing champion DeMarco Murray to free agency this offseason? What will the departure of coordinator Dick LeBeau mean to a perennial Top 10 defense at Pittsburgh? Carolina snuck into the playoffs with a losing record a year ago. Will mediocre football be enough for the Panthers again this year?

Questions, questions, we’ve got questions.

So who is the most likely candidate to tumble from a division title right out of the playoffs this season? Is it any of the four mentioned above -- or possibly the Indianapolis Colts? Vote now at the Talk of Fame Network.

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