Who's the Best Player Ever to Come Out of the CFL?

Who's the best player ever to come out of the CFL -- Flutie? Moon? Kapp? Vote now.


(Joe Kapp photo courtesy of the Minnesota Vikings)

(Cameron Wake photo courtesy of the Miami Dolphins)

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The Canadian Football League plays on a longer and wider field than the NFL with fewer downs. But football remains a game of blocking and tackling and many of those who have excelled in Canada have returned to the United States to excel there as well.

In Part 2 of our six-part series on The Talk of Fame Network -- Out of Their League -- we examine the CFL this week both on our web site and our radio show. In this week’s poll, we ask our listeners and readers to pick the best player ever to come out of the CFL.

First off, here are some of the players who didn’t make the cut: Pro Bowl quarterback Jeff Garcia, NFL and AFL championship quarterback Tobin Rote, AFL all-star running back Cookie Gilchrist and NFL receivers Mervyn Fernandez, Joe Horn and Raghib Ismail.

Now, the five finalists:

--Doug Flutie, a six-time CFL Player of the Year who became a Pro Bowl quarterback with the Buffalo Bills.

--Joe Kapp, a two-time CFL Player of the Year who took the 1969 Minnesota Vikings to a Super Bowl.

--Warren Moon, the 1983 CFL Player of the Year who became a Hall of Fame quarterback in the NFL.

--Joe Theismann, who quarterbacked the Toronto Argonauts to a Grey Cup appearance and then quarterbacked the Washington Redskins to a Lombardi Trophy.

--Cameron Wake, who led the CFL in sacks with 16 in 2007 and 23 in 2008, then went to four Pro Bowls with the Miami Dolphins. He enters his seventh NFL season in 2015 with 63 career sacks.

So who do you like? Vote now:

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