Mini-Camp Notebook: Texans Move On Without Brian Gaine and Get Back To Work

Bill O'Brien talks for the first time since the dismissal of Brian Gaine plus other Houston Texans notes from mini-camp.

The Houston Texans opened Mandatory Mini-Camp on Tuesday for a short week of work before an extended break heading for training camp. The biggest news of the day was the Texans move to dismiss former general manager Brian Gaine.

It was the first time head coach Bill O'Brien discussed the move by the Texans since the announcement.

The Texans general manager position is the current hot topic at the moment, and there has been movement behind the scenes to find the next general manager of the organization. Leading the search committee to find the next Texans general manager is CEO Cal McNair, team president Jamey Rotes, head coach Bill O'Brien, Executive VP Jack Easterby and Senior VP of Administration Chris Olsen.

O'Brien made it clear that a thorough examination of the football side of the Texans decided to dismiss Gaine was made by McNair. With recent rumors surrounding that O'Brien was part of the decision process to move on from Gaine, O'Brien was quick to move the decision was ultimately made by McNair.

"He's been perfectly clear – like I said in the beginning – he's been perfectly clear with me on what he wants me to improve on and what he wants me to do, and he's been perfectly clear with the whole organization on what his expectations are moving forward." O'Brien explained.

"He was very clear with me on what he wanted me to do. To improve and his vision for the football team and his vision for the organization," O'Brien continued. "And that's, that's what we're doing. Now, we're moving forward. We're excited about the future."

There have been plenty of questions surrounding Jack Easterby and his influence on the organization and not only is he the right-hand man of O'Brien. He is now taking part in the general manager interviews proving that his growth inside the organization is clear.

O'Brien explained Easterby's role within the organization.

"He helps in all areas of the team, helps me with the team," O'Brien explained. "He helps in the different departments around the team."

"Obviously the training room, equipment room," O'Brien continued. "He helps me with putting in processes to really help the duties of each department relative to the team. It's all about the team and how can we improve the team and Jack has been an excellent addition to the organization."

There also have been questions on the work environment with O'Brien now going through two general managers entering his sixth season with the organizations. O'Brien discussed the rumors of him being tough to work with.

"I guess that would depend on who you ask." O'Brien started. "That would really depend on the ask, you know, I think that I think that try to do my best to communicate with people. I try to do my best to work hard every day to perform my role. But I think anytime you're in a leadership position. There's probably going to be a few people that don't maybe agree with, with how you see things or how you do things." 

O'Brien explained he was told of Gaine's dismissal when McNair informed him of it in a face-to-face meeting. The head coach insisted that he had no idea that the removal of Gaine from his post was coming before being notified.

With the Texans moving ahead with their general manager search New England director of player personnel Nick Caserio is the odds on favorite to land the position. O'Brien when asked if he or Easterby contacted Caserio before the move with Gaine was complete about a potential opening of the Texans general manager position.

""I would say that the answer to that is no relative to contact about anything having to do with the Houston Texans. No." O'Brien said if the Texans contacted Caserio before the job vacancy.

The Texans placed a request to interview with Caserio last Friday and were still waiting for word from the Patriots if they were going to get a chance to talk to him.

On the Field

Cornerback Bradley Roby returned to the field after missing all of OTAs with an undisclosed issue. Roby is already on the field working full-speed with his teammates on the defensive side of the football.

The Texans have liked the work last seasons' prized free agent Aaron Colvin has put in through OTAs. Colvin has plugged back in and become healthy to put in some solid work to earn a shot to get back on the field.

Colvin has looked better in his role with the defense. Colvin discussed his last season's performance and his down season with the Texans.

"I didn't like how I performed specifically," Colvin explained. "I had bigger goals and expectations which can play a factor of why

I was disappointed with last year. Like I said again, to make it to the playoffs, especially from a 4 and 12 record the previous year before I got there it was huge. I just know the goals and aspirations of this team, and of this franchise, it wasn't good enough. I think we are heading in the right direction to getting to where we want to be."

The Texans had a short day of work inside the bubble and now have two days left of mandatory mini-camp before their extended break.

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