Texans Draft Profile: A Closer Look at Texans Tight End Kahale Warring

A Closer Look at Houston Texans third-round selection tight end Kahale Warring.

Kahale Warring, a tight end out of San Diego State University, was selected in the third round by the Houston Texans in the 2019 NFL Draft. Already with three tight ends on the roster, the Texans decided to choose another one to improve depth. In the 2018 NFL Draft, the Texans selected two of the three current tight ends for the Texans. The selection of Kahale Warring truly boosts this tight end corps. He has a plethora of strengths that make him a great pick here.

Draft Analysts Take on Kahale Warring

Lance Zierlein of NFL.com (Read More Here) writes that Warring has great size, speed, and athleticism making him a very versatile and impactful player on the field. Also, Warring is very competitive and is an excellent run blocker. He is, and his ball skills make him a very productive target in the NFL. His toughness makes him a fit for what the Texans look for in players. However, his inexperience in football is one area for concern. Warring has inconsistent hands and needs to improve his timings on blocks. Warring also needs to be quicker and needs to be a better red zone player. Last but not least, Warring’s hand are faulty as he dropped a plethora of easy catches in 2018.

Bleacher Report’s Matt Miller (Read More Here) compliments Kahale Warring for being an all-around athlete. As a result, Warring is a natural competitor. Warring is quite inexperienced after starting to play football in the senior year of high school. However, he has tremendous upside. Miller writes that Warring is very versatile and agile as he can work in line or outside the formation. Warring is able to run past linebackers quickly and gets into route trees. His biggest strength, though, is his extreme athleticism when attacking the ball as he has a high vertical and can “box out defenders in the end zone.” However, Warring lacks production and needs improvement to realize his full potential. Also, he lacks technique as a run blocker. Similar to Zierlein’s take, Warring has plenty of drops and is a boom-or-bust player. Thus, it is critical that he is developed to become a boom. Miller believes that Warring will have “immediate potential” as a target and red zone threat, but needs to improve on his route running and blocking.

The NFL Draft Network’s Joe Marino (Read More Here) opines that Warring’s best trait is his athletic ability as well as his competitiveness. Warring is a natural athlete and can “extend for the football and elevate.” Marino comments that Warring is a great “blend of size and speed” that can make him a vertical threat to opposing defenses. However, Marino writes that his two most significant worries for Warring are his injury issues and his hands. In 2016, Warring missed ten games due to a foot injury. The Texans need to be cautious as it could be a worry if Warring reinjures his foot. Also, Warring has weak hands as he often dropped easy passes at San Diego State. If Warring can hone in on these skills, he can realize his potential and become a great starter at tight end for the Texans.

**Article by Pavithr Goli**

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Already with FOUR tight ends on the roster, the Texans decided to choose another one to improve depth. Griffin, Fells, Thomas, and Akins.