Outlook for recovery good for Titans DC Dean Pees

Titans DC Dean Pees returns home and could return to work soon after a health issue Sunday in Indianapolis.

The outlook seems good for Titans defensive coordinator Dean Pees, who spent Sunday night in an Indianapolis hospital due to a health issue suffered in the first quarter of a 38-10 loss to the Colts.

Pees was kept overnight for tests and observation, but returned to Nashville on Monday, according to Titans head coach Mike Vrabel.

***“***Everything and all the tests came back very positive. Dean (Pees) will be able to, probably, be on his way home from Indy as we speak now,” Vrabel said at his Monday press conference. “His wife is with him, so that’s good. I want to thank Chris Ballard and the Colts organization. They went over and checked on him when we were getting on the plane last night. I thought that was a real classy move to go check on Dean to make sure he was comfortable and Mel (Pees) had everything she needed. It looks like he’ll be headed back.”

Pees wants to come back to coaching as soon as possible, but Vrabel said the team will have to monitor the 68-year-old to keep him from overdoing things.

“Dean loves this team. He loves his players. He wants to come in. He’s not coming in today. He’s going to go home and he’s going to rest. I told him to work banker hours for the rest of the week, like come in at 9:00 and make sure he’s out of here at 5 o’clock,” Vrabel said. “I do see him coming back shortly. But again, I just want to make sure that he’s getting plenty of rest and that we’re not rushing anything. We do have an extra day with the Monday Night Game. Everybody involved did a great job and handled it really well.”

Vrabel said the team will adjust and help Pees in his return.

“We’ll help him. We’ll certainly help him. I feel confident in the guys that we have here. I’ll be in there. I’m in there a lot as it is. I don’t think that’s going to be anything different. I sit in there with those guys all the time,” Vrabel said. “I think that when Dean feels good enough to be here an extended amount of time, he’ll be here. He’ll be here plenty. We’ll make sure that he has everything he needs at home. Like I said, he’s trying to come in this afternoon. We’re telling him that we have the security out there making sure that he’s not here.”

Vrabel spoke about the incident that caused Pees to have to be transported to the hospital in mid-game.

“I think it was hearing the guy and talking to him. ‘Hey Dean, are you doing ok? Hey, everything is going to be OK. We’ll be fine.’ Because, he’s up there in a box. His son’s up there. Shane is up there. We don’t want anybody—our health, the health of the players, the health of our coaches is important,” Vrabel said.” Dean will—we’re just really happy to have gotten the reports that we have gotten. I think once I see him, I talked to him this morning, he was in good spirits. You can always tell how respected a guy is throughout the league. The amount of texts and calls that I got last night on his behalf was really impressive. Everybody around this league was texting saying, ‘Hey, just let me know about Dean. Let him know I’m thinking of him, praying about him.’ I’m talking about head coaches and assistant coaches. He’s well respected around this league.”