By My Count Week 6 Was Weak 6: Move Along, Folks, Not Much to See Here

The first weekend of October saw a lot of top college teams running to stand still

By my count the only good thing about Week 6 in college football was that it had chance to become Week 7. Was it just me or did Saturday feel like standing in line at the DMV? The big schedule maker in the sky brought CFB to a halt with a slate of sit outs, grind-outs, false alarms and wipe outs.

As IF anyone thought Georgia was in trouble after falling behind early at Tennessee.

The top two teams, by ranking, Alabama and Clemson, took the weekend off while there were only bits of snail-trail evidence the Pac 12 played at all. The conference of champions had only four games on tap and UCLA fans got word so late only 48,532 showed up at the Rose Bowl. Nobody brought granddaddy to the granddaddy and the announced crowd was “papered” with more freebie let-ins than Woodstock.

When you factor the game was televised on Pac 12 Net, well, it might as well have been 1952 and reported by Western Union.

Second-year UCLA Coach Chip Kelly, who some think took the job to escape the limelight of whatever it is he’s running from, fell to 4-14 overall after another (in a series) of unacceptable defeats.

The latest was a lay-down to Oregon State, previously considered the Pac 12’s worst franchise.

UCLA’s only victory this season, remember, was a 32-point come-from-behind at Washington State, which seems like years ago…

So what gives? Kelly has emerged as the biggest loser in a pack of second-year name coaches brought in to rejuvenate moribund programs.

Kelly is severely testing my rule of never making a judgement on a coach until after his third year in a five-year contract.

By my count if Saturday was a car race it would have been run under a caution flag, with everyone holding their positions. Only one school among the top 13, No. 7 Auburn, took a loss. And there was a very good reason for it as the Tigers had to travel to the Swamp for a game against No. 10 Florida. And while that game was close, 24-13, it was not very good with the schools combining for 15 penalties and eight turnovers…

By my count the highlight of the day was watching the continued resurrection of Southern Methodist and Baylor, two former Southwest Conference bandit programs that are STILL undefeated through the first weekend of October.

This news alone could bring a new inquiry from the NCAA committee on infractions.

SMU was left for dead in 1986 after receiving the Death Penalty for running “pay for play” long before it was being debated by the California State assembly.

SMU football went completely dark in 1987 and 1988 with the thought the punishment might be permanent.

In fact, the last time the Mustangs won a game as a ranked team was 1986…until Saturday. Led by Texas transfer quarterback Shane Buechele, SMU rallied from three touchdowns to defeat Tulsa in triple overtime.

The fear in Dallas, of course, is what might happen if SMU ever got good again in football. If stands to reason many of the boosters who took the program down 30 years ago had children who are just now entering their prime cheating ages.

Hundred dollar handshakes for everyone!

Baylor, seemingly kicked roadside after one endless scandal under former coach Art Briles, remained undefeated with a 31-12 win at Kansas State.

The Bears were 1-11 only two seasons ago but hiring Matt Rhule from Temple was the move on campus since Baylor lifted its ban on dancing...

By my count what Wisconsin is doing is starting to look historical. The Badgers improved to 5-0 with a 48-0 win over Kent State. Big deal, we know. That said, it was Wisconsin's third shut out in a season in which it has outscored its opponents, 217-29. My benchmark for impressiveness remains Bear Bryant's 1961 Alabama, which recorded six shut outs en route to an 11-0 season in which the Crimson Tide allowed 25 total points...

By my count Michigan Coach Jim Harbaugh gets ripped plenty for not winning big games against ranked opponents, so we need to dutifully credit his 10-3 win over No.14 Iowa. Was it pretty? Gawd no, but it was an important Big Ten win for coach khaki pants. "We're starting to find our stride," Harbaugh said. Ah, not so fast there, Jimmy. Still remaining on the schedule are Penn State, Notre Dame and that school down south (Ohio State)...

By my count the most stand-up honest quote of the day came from Oklahoma State quarterback Spencer Sanders after a five-turnover day (three interceptions, two fumbles) in a 45-35 loss to Texas Tech.

Sanders: "I had the five turnovers. Not offensive linemen. Not the receivers. Not the defense. I did. Spencer Sanders had five turnovers."

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Perhaps the weekend can best be summed up by LSU playing an 11AM game and lot of fans missed the start due to a (long) train coming through Baton Rogue.


A friend of mine lives in Mt. Vernon, Texas. The Board of Ed hired Art Briles to be the football coach at Mt. Vernon High this season. Team is 6-0, with, allegedly, no scandals.


A good case could be made that Sonny Dykes is college football's answer to Tark the Shark. And he's operating at the right school with 31 transfers.