LSU Hoops Reaches New Heights as Fans Reach Low

Reaction of LSU fans to Coach Will Wade suspension is not a good look for school or for truth-challenged society

Cheering for crooks and bad guys is not new and has been romanticized as far back as Robin Hood.

· Al Capone, syphilis and Bloody Valentines aside, was a hero to many in 1920s Chicago.

· “Butch and Sundance” had us at “Oh Sh$%%$$” over a cliff in Bolivia.

· What DNA evidence?

· Did the cops really need THAT many bullets to take down Bonnie and Clyde?

It makes sense to me after Saturday why B & C, sweetheart bank robbers and murderers, fled to Louisiana for safety.

They were gunned down in 1934, on Louisiana State Highway 154. More than one hundred slugs were pulled from the bodies…what, too many?

Their Ford had more holes in it than a Pac 12 defense.

New research, however, suggests Bonnie and Clyde may have actually been trying to get to a basketball arena at LSU.

They thought they could get a sympathetic ear from Tiger fans in Baton Rouge, who last Saturday continued to show their willingness to support the wrong side of a cause.

Everything that is wrong with our sports and society was put on full display at the Pete Maravich Assembly Center.

LSU basketball coach Will Wade was caught, seemingly red-handed, on an FBI wiretap saying he offered big money for a top recruit.

The story, broken by Yahoo, seems as solid as an oak door excepting that it was reported by the “media.”

LSU athletic director Joe Alleva, after absorbing the evidence, and not getting any cooperation from his coach, did the ONLY thing he could have done: he suspended Wade until further notice.

You know what happened next:

Alleva was booed and cursed by students when he entered the arena for Saturday night’s game against Vanderbilt.

“F…Alleva” chants were accompanied by signs that read “Free Will Wade.”


The worst part of this isn’t LSU fans being blindly loyal to their school and team.

Fans support Wade only because LSU is in the midst of a great season. Had LSU been 18-18, and not on the brink of clinching the SEC, Joe Alleva would have been given a standing ovation.

Shouldn’t we be better than this?

I understand the gray area of cheating, especially in college sports, and the impulse to decry the sheer idiocy of the NCAA’s definition of amateurism.

You can make a good case about why the LSU player in question, Lavonte Smith, should be paid.

You can even make a good case for “everyone cheats.”

But there has to be a moral and ethical line, somewhere, that cannot be crossed.

What Will Wade supposedly did, if proved to be true, cannot be defended.

The problem is that right vs. wrong, since Robin Hood, has been preached more than it has been practice. It has never been more devalued and diluted than it is today.

Truth has been trampled on. The media has been so cynically savaged that even bullet-proof evidence wrongdoing is discarded as “fake.”

What the hell is going on?

I recently revisited George Orwell’s 1984 and was genuinely frightened how much it didn’t read like dystopian fiction.

The Ministry of Truth is a cover for lies. “Peace” means war. “Love” is torture.

There has to be a trigger mechanism, though, burrowed in the lowliest of LSU freshmen, that understands he\she can’t cheer for Will Wade.

Our hope is that responsible, god-fearing LSU parents will explain this all to their kids on Easter Sunday.

Father to LSU son: “Look, we’ll tolerate a lot for a run to the Final Four…but not this.”

The adults in the room need to put this right and it was heartening to see former LSU star Booger McFarland provide some sanity.

“Fans are crazy sometimes…wow” he tweeted.

But it’s going to take more than Booger. It’s going to take more responsible people at LSU and the SEC to step up.

It’s going to take the mayors, senators and governors.

Loyalty is great, but not this time. Not Will Wade. This crosses the line. Pick another fight.

Think it will happen?

LSU basketball moved up one spot, to No. 9, in Monday’s new Associated Press poll.

Naturally, I’m now furiously rooting for LSU to make the Final Four just to see how this morality play…plays out.

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The inflection point came in 1998. The sitting President lied under oath and it was dismissed as unimportant.