Paging "Rodman" As Team Rankman Looks To Liberty and Others For Rebound Weekend

Father and Son pick-em team changes strategy and looks for bargain bets at the 99 cent store

We used to live high on the hog, now we're living low on it. What used to be hops in our steps have become noticeable limps that can be blamed on a few poor picks and bad sciatica nerves. TEAM TMG, after a searing start, has fallen to 72-71-7 for the season. We are being propped up by Herb Gould (16-11-3) and Tony Barnhart (17-12-1) and being propped down by two guys from the Eastern seaboard who, when it comes to picking games, aren't real Jersey Sure. Meanwhile, out west, in Steinbeck country, Rankman & Son have been haunted by the picks of wrath. We are 13-15-2 overall knowing that one bounce-back week will put us back in good graces. We feel strongly about our pick selections this week knowing many of these games won't be televised.

Father Knows Bets


The Minutemen are coming off a “huge” win over Akron and should have enough leftover momentum to cover the honey-butter spread at International House of Pancake blocks.

Pick: UMass

Liberty (-4) at NEW MEXICO STATE

Father is making this pick with that mutual insurance commercial jingle ringing in his head: “Liberty, Liberty, Li-berty.” The Flames have won three straight games after an 0-2 start and look for a two-game sweep of Enchantment Land after beating New Mexico last week.

Pick: Liberty

Texas San Antonio (+2) at TEXAS EL PASO

The most evenly-matched battle of bad eye-chart teams on this week’s board. UTSA is averaging 16.3 points per game but giving up 36.5 while UTEP is averaging 18.3 and allowing 35. Father is leaning toward Marty Robbins.

Pick: UTEP

Son’s picks

Central Florida (-3) at CINCINNATI

Son understands Cincy is coming off its best performance of the year against Marshall but understands more that UCF has not lost an AAC game since 2016.

Pick: UCF

Tulane (-3) at ARMY

Tulane is tempting here but Son ultimately says anyone picking against Army at West Point deserves 30-days in the hole.

Pick: Army

Auburn at FLORIDA (48)

Son says, no matter the outcome, this week’s game at the SWAMP will be the loudest on the betting board. Pump up the points and the volume.

Pick: Over

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No. 1-2

UMass? Really? Whatever happened to Chris Dufresne, fearless forecaster? UMass?


The big problem with four of these five picks and is a bettor generally likes to watch the game that he/she has wagered on. The good news? Four of these games will never see a television camera. You must really want to win this week!