Bracketology 101: 4th Lesson

The Big Ten will again have lots of tournament teams, but will anyone emerge as No. 1?

What we have is a Big 2--Michigan and Michigan State--as part of a conference which could have as many as 10 NCAA tournament teams, but most likely will settle for 7 or 8, with 6 or 7 teams about equal.

The Pac-12 also looks Top Heavy, with Washington the clear leader in the clubhouse an d 6 other teams scrambling for respect. The problem the Pack 12 has is that the quality does not match the balance.


Main Contenders

Michigan State, Michigan, Purdue, Wisconsin, Iowa, Maryland, Ohio State, Nebraska, Minnesota, Indiana

Michigan and Michigan State look like No. 1 seeds right now while Purdue, Wisconsin and Maryland all should mention Top 4 seed consideration. That's 1/4 of the Sweet 16 from the Big Ten. After that, its Iowa, Nebraska, Indiana and Minnesota and Ohio State all vying for spots.

Michigan State took a body blow with the loss for the season of guard Joshua Langford with a foot injury, which has gone from a nagging injury to one that will sideline him for the season.

Michigan, as it proved a year ago, is good enough to make the Final Four and can match up with anybody on its best day.

**Most Likely Bids (8) Michigan, Michigan State, Purdue, Wisconsin, Iow***a, Maryland, Minnesota and Ohio State.*


Main Contenders

Washington, Arizona, Utah, UCLA, Arizona State

How did the Pac-12 become virtually irrelevant in football and basketball on a national basis?

How bad is it? Washington is the best of the group and the Huskies are a No. 7 or 8 seed. After that there is No one really with Arizona State or Oregon as marginal tournament teams. The best way the Pac-12 is going to get multiple bids is if Washington is upset in the conference tournament and holds on to an at-large slot.

Most likely bids (2)

Washington, Arizona