FIVE REASONS WHY . . . Southerners should care about hockey and cheer for Nashlanta Predators

Terence Moore

Now this is . . . different.

Not only is David Schiele one of my top mentees over at Georgia State in downtown Atlanta, but he's a young African-American who loves hockey -- the Nashlanta, oops, the Nashville Predators, in particular.

I'll let David do "FIVE REASONS WHY" (see headline) this time.

5. Hockey is fast-paced and full of drama. It’s like soccer on ice.

4. Folks in the South love their baseball. Specifically, they love the Atlanta Braves. Well, the Braves and Predators play on the same channel!

3. People think there are no Black folks in hockey. For starters, Snoop Dogg is a HUGE hockey fan. Secondly, P.K. Subban is a two-time NHL All Star and Norris Trophy winner, and a proud Black man.

2. The Predators are REALLY good. They’ve got home ice throughout the playoffs and the favorites to win the Stanley Cup this year.

1. Nashville...well... the Nashlanta Predators have the rowdiest fan base in the NHL. They mix the passion of the old-school Raiders fans with the harshness of Eagles fans.