From LeBron to Steph in NBA playoffs, here's what we've learned so far

Terence Moore

Take a cruise. Either that, or watch every episode of "Family Feud" (you know, with Richard Dawson AND Steve Harvey) between reading "Gone With the Wind." We've got more than a month to go before the Golden State Warriors beat the Cleveland Cavaliers for the third time in four years for the NBA championship.


I forgot to say, "Spoiler alert!"

Until that fourth-peat in the NBA Finals between LeBron James and Stephen Curry, let's discuss what we've already seen during the second round of these playoffs. I'll make things interesting by giving the good, the bad and the ugly in no particular order.

-- LeBron James has continued his monster season for the Cleveland Cavaliers. Then again, we're talking about the Toronto Raptors, and King James is their daddy, granddaddy and great-granddaddy. (Good) (Bad) (Well, it depends on whether we're talking about the Cavaliers or the Raptors)

-- NBA folks should hold off on the coronation of Philadelphia 76ers (ahem) rookie Ben Simmons. If you're the next Great One, how do you get the easiest of shots blocked, miss open layups and score zero points from field-goal attempts during a playoff game like this guy did Thursday night against the Boston Celtics? (Ugly)

-- The Warriors can dominate without Curry. Just ask the New Orleans Pelicans after a 22-point smackdown earlier this week in Game 1 of their playoff series against the defending world champions (Good)

-- Kyle Lowry and DeMar DeRozan of the Raptors are light years away from challenging the Warriors' Klay Thompson and Curry as prolific NBA guards. (Bad)

-- No, I can't get enough of Curry, because he's a splendid cliché. He really can just roll out of bed and nail shots from Mars, which he did Tuesday night against the Pelicans after he missed more than a month with a leg injury. (Good)
-- Not only isn't Simmons there yet, but neither are the rest of the 76ers. I'm talking about Philadelphia's other young players along with their overmatched coach, because Brett Brown's non-moves helped his team blow its 22-point led to the Celtics Thursday night in Game 2. (Really, really, REALLY bad)

-- No Kyrie Irving. No Gordon Hayward. No problem for the Celitcs, especially since they have Brad Stevens rising even higher as the best coach in the NBA without a world championship, at least not yet. (Good)

-- Actually, we still don't know if Chris Paul (no appearances ever in a conference finals after a slew of playoff trips) or James Harden (history of chocking after the regular season) can exorcize their postseason ghosts. Stay tuned. (Ugly)

-- Drake and his mouth are out of control at courtside during Raptors games. As you've probably heard and seen, such has been the case for many celebrities in these NBA playoff situations . . . not named Jack Nicholson. (Bad)