Something is familiar with these NBA playoffs

Terence Moore

Why do the NBA Playoffs this year have the feel of March Madness?

Or is it just me?

As we speak, I'm watching the Philadelphia 76ers trying to become Michigan (remember how hot the Wolverines were at the end of the college basketball season?) by threatening never to lose again.

Wait a minute. The suddenly youthful Dwyane Wade and his bruising teammates on the Miami Heat have other ideas at the moment. They're doing much on the road in search of trying to tie the 76ers at 1-1 during this first-round series, but what else is new?

If LeBron can make the sun circle the earth by losing his first game to open the postseason, anything is possible. You see the competitiveness, the unpredictability and the upsets. This is sounding like the NCAA basketball tournament.

By the way, I just glanced up from my computer keys to the TV screen , and Miami continues to maul Philadelphia. So maybe the New Orleans Pelicans are the NBA's UMBC, and since Loyola-Chicago won't dribble again for another seven months or so, Sister Jean is available.

I can see her working those rosary beads for the Washington Wizards.

That said, you knew in early March Villanova would become the Final One of college basketball after the Wildcats stopped Michigan from sizzling in the title game. Which brings us to this: You just know the Golden State Warriors will survive the Houston Rockets, Oklahoma City and the rest to two-peat along the way to their third NBA Championship in four years.

Not only that, but despite those issues for LeBron's Cleveland Cavaliers against the Indiana Pacers, you just know the Cavs will capture the East for a fourth straight year.

You do know that, don't you?

You don't?

Well, I'm looking at the TV screen again. Courtesy of Wade becoming Peter Pan out of nowhere, the 76ers lost for the first time in nearly a month.

This NBA thing could be better than March Madness.