Hey Terence I did not like your article about the Trump and the Patriots Why do y’all have to find controversy with everything. Is it because you’re affiliated with CNN. Take some advice from Candice Owens Expand your mind you seem smart Rethink your thoughts think out of the box have peace not everyone is out to get you or has a hidden agenda. Maybe if you and CNN take time to reflect on what your saying and stop mixing up the minds of vulnerable people young men and women. We truly blame you and your affiliates for the frustrating reporting unfair reporting and the misleading info you feed people. Whether you are a democratic or republican people should be able to make their own decisions or judgments with fair and honest reporting and info. You and CNN have taken it to far and we sick of it. Y’all must not be to happy with yourselves. Because if you were secure and competent and happy y’all would have clear thoughts and would be able to reason and communicate effectively. Instead you go deep and dark and like being minulative To make yourself feel better. Now that is a real problem that requires help from a professional and resolved through treatment is what y’all need. Yep Go Pats