Just get rid of Julio Jones

Terence Moore

Memo to the Atlanta Falcons: Water is wet, the cow didn't jump over the moon, and Julio Jones really is upset with the franchise.

OK, Falcons officials know all of that.

They just prefer to do what the majority of their peers like to do in these situations, and that is, they wish to become The Three Monkeys. You know, see no evil, hear no evil and speak no evil, especially when it's their best player.

Not only has Jones failed to attend off-season workouts this month in Flowery Branch, Ga, with the rest of his teammates, well, perhaps you've heard: He has deleted all pictures involving the Falcons from his Tweets by juliojones_11">Twitter and Instagram accounts, and he has unfriended everybody on the roster.

He's gone, or he wants to be.

That said, it's always hilarious to see how NFL team officials respond during these situations when one of their star players throws everybody in the franchise under the bus in public, shifts that bad boy into reverse and slams on the accelerator. We're back to Jones, sitting at the wheel of that bus as we speak.

Not that Falcons officials believe what I just typed. According to ESPN, they say this is temporary for Jones, and they say he purged Falcons stuff from his twitter and Instagram accounts to get a "fresh start" on social media.


As for the truth . . .

This could be a contract thing (The Falcons are preparing to give quarterback Matt Ryan enough money to purchase several planets). This could be Julio channeling Randy Moss when that Pro Football Hall of Famer protested the catered food after a Minnesota Vikings practice ("Who ordered this crap? I wouldn't feed this to my dog"). This could be his eternal seething over the Falcons blowing that 28-3 lead two Super Bowls to the New England Patriots despite his spectacular catch near the end.

The Falcons blew a world championship, and for that reason or for one of the others, Julio wants to bolt with his resume featuring five trips to the Pro Bowl.

Such a departure works for the Falcons. Given all of Jones' aches and pains in recent years, he's an old 28, and for a Falcons team that led the NFL last season in dropped passes, guess who had the most? Yep, and there is this: If the Falcons trade Jones, maybe they could get back those five draft picks they wasted on him during the 2011 NFL Draft after they moved up to the No. 6 pick.

I know, I know. I remain in the minority, because I said at the time, and I continue to think so now that the Falcons would have been better in the long run by using those picks to help a frequently shaky defense.

I go by the Dan Reeves philosophy.

You always can find a wide receiver.

Quick: Name all of the wide receivers who were THE key to a team winning the Super Bowl? It's mostly the quarterback. You needn't look farther than Boston, where the Patriots unloaded another set of starting wide receivers in the offseason. New England boss Bill Belichick hasn't ousted Tom Brady, though, which means the Two B's have more than a little chance next season to snatch their sixth Super Bowl trophy.

Which means, if this really is the end for Jones with the Falcons, they better hope Matt Ryan is as dandy of a quarterback as their big bucks say he is.