New York Jets hope 2018 NFL Draft brings next Joe Namath

Terence Moore

OK, OK. New York Jets fans are hard to please, and if you have a problem with what I just said, you can FUGETABOUTIT.

Speaking of stuff not to remember, such has been the case for Jets quarterbacks since Joe Namath predicted that Super Bowl upset 39 years ago before he threw his team to victory over the supposedly invincible Baltimore Colts.

Thus the question for Rich Cimini, ESPN's NFL Nation reporter covering the Jets: Do team officials believe they just drafted the next Broadway Joe (or shall we say Time Square Sam?) after they used the third pick overall in the NFL Draft Thursday night in Arlington, Texas to grab Southern Cal's Sam Darnold?

"You know, that's a great question," Cimini told me during our podcast interview. "I think, first of all, he played at a high level of competition in college, because USC is a big school, a big football school. He was 20-4 as a starter there, so he had a lot of success. He's young. He's still growing. He's only 20 years old. He'll be 21 in June . . . He's a big kid. He's a really good athlete . . . He moves very well. He throws well on the run."

Namath threw well, period, but enough of ancient history.

In addition to the Namath comparison, there is the one involving Mark Sanchez, selected fifth overall nine years ago by the Jets. Just like Darnold, Sanchez went to Southern Cal, and just like Darnold, Sanchez is from the same area in Orange County, Calif., and there are other comparisons.

Then again, there are contrasts.

Cimini explained it all in Episode 3 of Terence's Take available on iTunes.