The GB WhatsApp application has more features


Some time ago social media was busy discussing GB WhatsApp until it entered the trending topic of Twitter. Because, many netizens are interested in this application debate.

Then what is GB WhatsApp? This one application is a modification of WhatsApp by adding various but unofficial mods. Its use is quite easy and the features offered are quite complete. This is the written statement received on Saturday (3/4).

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GB WhatsApp features

As mentioned above, apart from providing complete features this application has several features that the official WhatsApp application does not have. Below is a list of important features available on GB WhatsApp:

  1. Can send up to 100 images at once, in contrast to the official version only 30 images.

  2. Can send videos with sizes up to 50 MB, the official version is only 16MB only.

  3. Can set the group name up to 35 characters, this feature does not exist in the official application.

  4. Using two WhatsApp accounts on one Android phone.

  5. Can automatically send a reply to the number in the contact.

  6. Can change themes and send messages with others in more than 100 different languages.

  7. Can hide the name so that it is not visible when opening a friend's status on WhatsApp Story.

  8. Can hide status, hide typing status, last seen, blue tick and double tick.

  9. Can schedule messages, such as automatic messages to say birthdays, Eid, Christmas and others.

Lack of GB WhatsApp

The features mentioned above include the advantages of this application. But of course, every advantage there is always a disadvantage.

One of the shortcomings of GB WhatsApp is that it is prone to being banned . Because, this application was developed by a 3rd party so that it makes this application unofficial.

This unofficial status also makes GB WhatsApp unsafe one day. There is no guarantee this app will provide forever security.

Types of GB WhatsApp

This application does not only have one type, but there are several types. Each of them has characteristics. Here's the explanation:

  1. GB WhatsApp Official

This type of application has many advantages such as logging in with two accounts on one cellphone, being able to enjoy features that have been modified without rooting and there are several additions to emojis.

The appearance in this application can be changed as desired. This app can also hide messages. In addition, users can save stories without the help of other applications and can name groups of up to 35 characters.

2.GB WhatsApp Unofficial

The GB WhatsApp Unofficial application was developed by Fouad MOD which is the best WhatsApp application modification developer. This is because this application is equipped with additional features such as emojis.

3.GB WhatsApp Mini

This GB WhatsApp is unique. As the name implies, this application has a mini size, aka smaller than other WhatsApp applications.

Moreover, this application is quite good for smartphones that have light RAM. Because, this application will not take up much space.

4.GB WhatsApp Transparent

GB WhatsApp Transparent is modified by SAM MODs. This application has a transparent background following the theme applied by the user, thus making it look different from the others.

  1. GB WhatsApp iOS

Not much different from others, it's just that GB WhatsApp iOS is unique in its appearance. As the name suggests, the appearance of this application is similar to the iPhone.

How to Install GB WhatsApp

Download the GB WhatsApp application here:

Wait until the download is complete.

Then open "settings / settings" on the phone.

Click the "Additional Settings" menu, then click the "Privacy" menu again, and click or activate "Unknown Sources."

When it is active, click "File Manager" and click the "Download / Download" menu then select "GBWhatsApp Application."

Later a new display will appear automatically.

Click "Install" in the lower right corner.

Wait until the installation process is complete.