UGA first round draft picks bring "football character" to New England Patriots

Terence Moore

Just take it from ESPN's NFL Nation reporter Mike Reiss when it comes to the philosophy of the New England Patriots during the NFL draft.

They're looking for "football character."

For instance . . .

"The Patriots demand a lot from their players and these two guys are wired the right way," Reiss said during our conversation, referring to the Patriots spending Thursday night's first round in Arlington, Texas grabbing a couple of University of Georgia players in offensive lineman Isaiah Wynn at No. 23 and running back Sony Michel eight picks later.

Whatever works.

Guess it has worked pretty well for the Patriots since they made their ninth appearance in a Super Bowl last season with the B-Boys (Bill Belichick and Tom Brady). They didn't beat the Philadelphia Eagles during their latest try for a world championship. Even so, they were victorious five other times, and their journeys toward grabbing Vince Lombardi trophies always begin and end with the draft. They're masters at the thing, or are they?

"You know sometimes -- and I think they do do a fine job -- sometimes, I think they might benefit from the reputation, because I could tell you going back a couple of years, you know they haven't hit on some picks," Reiss said during my upcoming T.Moore Sports Podcast about the team he has covered for 21 years. "They've made some head-scratchers, but I think that's like every team. I'm not even sure I would put the Patriots at the top of the list (through the years) in terms of best draft, but they're solid. They're solid."

Like Thursday night.

Reiss discussed those picks and more during Episode 3 of Terence's Take Podcast.