Well, the Cleveland Browns botched another NFL Draft

Terence Moore

Not surprisingly, the Cleveland Browns blew it. I mean, what in the name of Tim Couch were team officials thinking when they used Thursday night's first pick of the NFL Draft in Arlington, Texas to select Johnny Manziel, Part II?

Actually, the Browns grabbed Oklahoma's Baker Mayfield, Part I, but it's the same thing. They both shocked everybody but themselves by getting another quarterback that is undersized on the field and out of control off of it.

Browns general manager John Dorsey even called Mayfield "humble."

"The humble word made everybody in the media room sit up," ESPN's NFL Nation writer Pat McManamon told me during a chat on my podcast. "(Mayfield) can talk humble, and he can act and pretend and say he's humble and all that stuff in interviews, but Baker Mayfield has not been humble on the field or in some of his off-field actions. I don’t know about you, but I've always been taught you judge people by what they do, not by what they say, and humble is not a word I would be proudly spreading around (regarding Mayfield)."

The Browns have been here before. You know, in more ugly ways that one. This is the fifth time since the NFL brought a franchise back to Cleveland that they drafted a quarterback in the first round, and the previous results weren't exactly dandy. Then you have that little matter of the Browns using 28 different starting quarterbacks prior to this season since their return to the banks of Lake Erie. So you have to ask yourself: What makes the Mayfield pick different than those others?

"I guess this would be the same answer we gave when Mike Holmgren made the pick, and Phil Savage made the pick," McManamon said, referring to previous general managers of the Browns. "We can go back down the line, and I mean, everybody who comes to Cleveland feels like they have the right system and the right plan in place."

They didn't, and they still don't.