With Super Bowl LIII nearby, this is EXACTLY what we don't need around here

Jan 24, 2019; Atlanta, GA, USA; The Super Bowl LIII logo and the Lombardi Trophy are shown on the Westin Peachtree Plaza next to the Skyview Ferris Wheel. Mandatory Credit: Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

Terence Moore

ATLANTA -- Uh-oh.

When I left the gym a few minutes ago, I saw this little white stuff floating through the air.


Oh no!

We just don’t see much of that wintry precipitation in Georgia, and when it appears out of nowhere with the Super Bowl in the vicinity, well, not good. It ranks somewhere between the thought of General Sherman’s ghost returning to burn his way to the sea and outsiders trying to convince true southerners that Pepsi is better than Coke (You know, even though Pepsi is the official soft drink of this Super Bowl, but that’s another column).

So here we are, nine days away from the Los Angeles Rams and the New England Patriots taking the field at Mercedes-Benz Stadium for Super Bowl LIII, and you pretty much can bet that NFL officials are spending these days viewing the Southeast Regional Dobbler Weather Radar Map as one of those good, old-fashioned horror flicks. Even though they can’t take their eyes away from the screen, they often watch while peeking around fingers.

January 2000 still lives around here.

Remember? During the week of Super Bowl XXXIV between the then-St. Louis Rams and the Tennessee Titans, there was The Atlanta Ice Storm, or I should say The Atlanta Ice Storms. There were two back then. They paralyzed the city for its citizens and for the thousands of folks who usually come to a Super Bowl site days before the actual game. Sheets of ice covered the major highways throughout this region dominated by hills and curves. There was a 47-car wreck on a major interstate entering Atlanta. When the freezing rain continued throughout the day before the Super Bowl, as much as a quarter-inch of ice covered the surfaces of most streets and sidewalks.

All of that caused more talk than Rams linebacker Mike Jones ending Super Bowl XXXIV by knocking Titans wide receiver Kevin Dyson just shy of the end zone to preserve a 23-16 victory for the Rams. Those inside of the packed the Georgia Dome were more concerned about spending the aftermath slipping and sliding back to their homes or hotels or wherever.

But back to today.

The snow lasted maybe seven minutes.

I’m looking at the long-range weather forecast now . . .

For upcoming Super Bowl LIII Week, here is the projected high temperature and the chance of precipitation for each day.

Monday . . . 56, 10%.

Tuesday . . . 43, 90%.

Wednesday . . . 40, 0%.

Thursday . . . 45, 0% (chance of snow showers)

Friday . . . 47, 40% (chance of snow showers)

Saturday . . . 42, 10%

Sunday . . . 45, 10%

Not bad for January in Atlanta.

Then again, weather folks said the same thing 19 years ago.