2 Minutes with Terence: Guess who just got his Super Bowl LIII credential first?

Terence Moore

OK. After covering more than 30 Super Bowls, I never had this happen. I was the first media person to get his/her credential. Literally!

When I arrived here at the Georgia World Congress Center Sunday at 1:55 PM, NFL officials were just opening up the place for the thousands of reporters who will come to this event from around the world.

Nobody else was here!

So I had an exclusive run of the place, and this is what it looked like.

Trust me. That will change in a hurry long before the Los Angeles Rams and the New England Patriots land in town later this evening for next Sunday’s rather large event here in Atlanta at Mercedes-Benz Stadium.

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Live Free Or Die
Live Free Or Die

Terrence, set up a shoe shine booth. Maybe Trump, Brady, Kraft & Belichick will give you some business. What's wrong with the picture? Your in it.