Here's my Golden Gate Bridge tradition

Terence Moore

Since 1980, when I spent the next five years working at the San Francisco Examiner, I’ve had this tradition whenever I go to the Golden Gate Bridge, which has been often. 

Well, give or take a couple of things.

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Just saw you in the Hank Aaron feature on Nightly News with Lester Holt! I told my wife, "Hey, I know that guy from Miami!" You wouldn't know me, but my roommate use to talk sports with you, he was Kevin Coe from Chillicothe. I see you have your Miami cap on in your run! (or, as you say, run/jog/walk/whatever 😀) I also am a Miami '78 grad. A friend of Hank Aaron, and I see from a quick search many other highlights in your career! Congrats in your success! Go Redhawks (now!). Terry Smith, North Olmsted, Ohio