Terence's Road to Super Bowl LIII: Episode 1

Terence Moore

Get ready, folks. Here's the opening episode of "Terence's Road To The Super Bowl," which you'll find exclusively on tmooresports.com.

For each of the next 48 weeks, I'll use these videos to walk you right up to the opening kickoff of Super Bowl LIII (That's No. 53, if you're not into Roman numerals), and I'll do so in unique ways. The game will take place in Atlanta on Sunday, February 3, 2019 at Mercedes-Benz Stadium.

Before I began living and working in the Atlanta area in January 1985, I was at the San Francisco Examiner. There, I had the opportunity to cover the first of my many Super Bowls through the decades. I was the beat writer for the newspaper on the 1980 Oakland Raiders, and I watched them smash the Philadelphia Eagles in New Orleans during Super Bowl XV.

That was the Super Bowl in which Raiders defensive lineman/noted party animal John Matuszak pulled an all-nighter in the French Quarter during the middle of that Super Bowl week. I remember how he showed up to that late morning for the Raiders' gathering with reporters looking more than a little worn.

The Raiders won anyway.

I've been to a slew of Super Bowls since then, including the previous two in Atlanta.

So I (ahem) sort of have a grasp on the subject.