Terence's Road to Super Bowl LIII: Episode 22

Terence Moore

In this episode of "Road to the Super Bowl," I finally discover a way after all of these months to ask Jim Steeg about the most embarrassing moment of the NFL's showcase event. He doesn't disappoint.

-- Steeg spent 26 years as the NFL's point man for Super Bowls through February 1, 2004, when Janet Jackson was involved in NippleGate at intermission of Super Bowl XXXVIII in Houston. Among other things, Steeg was in charge of all pregame and halftime entertainment.

-- Weeks before that Super Bowl, Steeg had a feeling something bizarre might happen. That's why he asked Justin Timberlake at the last minute to perform with Jackson.

-- There was controversy even before Jackson and Timberlake took the stage. A United States General watched the halftime show with NFL officials, and he went into a rage when one of the participants on the field disrespected the American flag.

-- Steeg said the scene in the NFL's Super Bowl control room (filled with league officials, network executive and others) during the Jackson situation wasn't pretty.

-- Since that Super Bowl incident, Steeg has spoken to Jackson . . . well, just watch the video and see.