Terence's Road to Super Bowl LIII: Episode 29

Terence Moore

This picturesque college in southwestern Ohio is known for a lot of things. For instance: No place has produced more CEOs of Fortune 500 companies than Miami Ohio. Plus, according to US News and World Report, Miami Ohio has spent the last eight consecutive years or so as the nation’s top public school for undergraduate teaching. Not only that, but it’s in the top three in that category for public or private schools.

It’s also known as the Cradle of Coaches. 

If you name a legendary pro or college football coach, he probably went to Miami Ohio.


Watch and see.

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Greetings to all. I graduated from Miami way back in the day.

I wrote THE CRADLE DID ROCK, an article that is in agreement with your assessment of Miami. The article is on my website, www.thecherokeeandtheslave.com. I'm Samuel H. Johnson, I write for THE SPORTS COLUMN. www.thesportscol.com The editor, Frank Fear published my story, MY ENCOUNTER WITH THE COACH, about Woody Hayes' visit to my dorm room in Miami's Reid Hall. Mr. Moore, Keep those ideas coming.