Upcoming Minnesota Viking Free Agents | Who will come back? Who do we want back?

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[et_pb_column type="4_4"][et_pb_text admin_label="Text"]Below is an early look at the upcoming Minnesota Viking free agents. I went through each one and gave my thoughts on if I think they'll come back. Yes, it is extremely early in the process and yes, I will change my mind on this at least 20 times between now and free agency. But soak it in below on who may or may not be back in purple next year.

Sheldon Richardson, Defensive Tackle

Richardson performed at a high level in '18. He was everything Vikings fans expected. The big-man was able to get some sacks (4.5) and cause some ruckus in opposing backfields. He was a great compliment to the even bigger man Linval Joseph. But with his solid season, will also come a hefty payday this offseason. No doubt the Vikings will have interest, and everything he said, seems to show he has interest in returning. This one will all come down to the numbers.

Do I want him to come back? Hell yes.
Do I think he WILL come back? Yes. I think if they let Barr walk they'll be able to work some magic on signing him to another magical deal. He should be priority #1 in the offseason.

Latavius Murray, Running Back

I love me some Murray. He has been a stand up guy during his time in Minnesota and has come up big in games while filling in for Dalvin Cook. That said. I think with Mike Boone/Roc Thomas on the roster he will become expendable. Especially at the money he could potential command. Don't get me wrong he isn't gonna rake it in, but he'll make some money this offseason.

Do I want him to come back? Yes. I would be fine with him coming back...... at a cheaper price.
Do I think he WILL come back? No. As stated above, I think the Vikings are in a good spot to hand the back-up duties to a youngster and or mid level free agent.

Anthony Barr, Linebacker

Talk about blowing the chance to make some serious bank this offseason. Barr didn't have a horrible year as many think, it just wasn't at the level we all expected. We wanted a money hungry animal looking to cash in this offseason. Instead we got a little worse version of a Pro Bowler linebacker that we are used to. Barr did come on at the end, but it might have been a little too late.

Do I want him to come back? No, I think it will be a hit to the defense .... BUT, with the money saved I think they can get away with it and spend it more wisely.
Do I think he WILL come back? No. I see a team overpaying for him making it easy for him to walk.

Brett Jones, Guard/Center

How the hell could this guy not beat out Tom Compton. We gave up a VALUABLE draft pick for this guy, a 7th pick who most likely would have ended up being a project linebacker who would have made the practice squad for two years before being cut.

Do I want him to come back? No. He couldn't even get a sniff of the field with a horrible offensive line. That..... isn't a great sign.
Do I think he WILL come back? No. It was a good depth move, but I think they can find a guy just as good or better in free agency to take his spot.

Nick Easton, Center/Guard

Easton was a big loss this preseason that greatly affected the entire offensive line. But when an offensive lineman has a neck injury that can be trouble. This will completely come down to how the coaching staff feels about his progress. If he does come back, look for it to be a prove it deal with high incentives.

Do I want him to come back? No. The injury scares me off on this one. Too bad, think he woulda had a good season in '18.
Do I think he WILL come back? No. Again, this injury might be too tough to overcome for an offensive lineman.

Dan Bailey, Kicker

This one is a coin flip. He struggled early, but came around by the end of the year. It is overly clear that his best days are behind him, but he is still a decent option as an NFL kicker. My guess, they bring him back and throw some pretty stiff competition next to him in Training Camp.

Do I want him to come back? Yes. I hate the thought of starting over again at kicker. I say we roll with him into preseason and see how he does.
Do I think he WILL come back? Yes. I think the coaching staff came around and started to trust ole #5.

Marcus Sherels, Cornerback

Of course the one year I actually want him to return, probably means he will be gone. Still one of the most reliable punt returners in the league. But age and injury might be catching up to him. Maybe he'll pull a Terence Newman, retire and come back to join the coaching staff. Wishful thinking??? Maybe.

Do I want him to come back? Yes
Do I think he WILL come back? I'm not as confident as I want to be on him coming back.

Ameer Abdullah, Running Back

Abdullah racked up 1 yard on 1 carry this year for the Vikings along with 0 receptions. But damn it, he held his own returning kickoffs with a 25.8 average and a long of 33. After the Hughes injury, the Vikings might not be so gungho on tossing him at kick returner, making Abdullah's return possible. I could see another 1 year contract in his future.

Do I want him to come back? I'm impartial
Do I think he WILL come back? Yes, I think for the price and his age, it is worth bringing him back to compete for a spot in training camp.

Tom Johnson, Defensive Tackle

Raise your hand if you love Tom Johnson. I surely hope that hand is almost touching the ceiling. Guy continues to produce and overachieve. At 35 he still added quality depth along the line and tally 4.5 sacks. I hope they continue to bring this guy back until he is 45.

Do I want him to come back? Yes. If you read above, you can tell my man love for Johnson is high.
Do I think he WILL come back? Yes. I think Johnson loves being here, and the coaching staff feels the same way.

Tom Compton, Guard

Gone. Still blows me away that guys like Isidora or Brett Jones couldn't unseat him in the starting lineup. Tom Compton was the green olives of this offensive line. Gross.

Do I want him to come back? Nooooooo
Do I think he WILL come back? No

George Iloka, Safety

One of the biggest mysteries of the season. Everyone, myself included was pretty damn excited when they brought him in (at a cheap price too). But the excitement ended there. He never really saw the field, or even got a shot. You could tell by his comments after the season ended that he was frustrated, and I highly doubt he has ANY interest in returning to the Vikings.

Do I want him to come back? No.
Do I think he WILL come back? Ummmm no. I think he hates the fact he decided to come here.

Aldrick Robinson, Wide Receiver

I gotta admit, I knew jack $h!t about Robinson before the Vikings brought him. He more than exceeded my expectations on the field. Sure he only had 17 receptions, but 5 of those were for touchdowns. Minnesota will take a long hard look at the receiving depth chart this offseason, but he might be worth bringing back for another year.

Do I want him to come back? Yes. Solid depth, did what the Vikings asked of him.
Do I think he WILL come back? Yes. Beebe and Zylstra will get strong looks to see action next year, but I think they do bring him back to compete for a spot.

Anthony Harris, Safety

Hot damn did Mr. Harris make some money this year. He was one of the biggest surprises in an otherwise disappointing Vikings season. He started 9 games, got himself 3 INTs along with MANY, MANY big plays on defense. How nice was it to finally have a damn good safety next Hitman in the secondary. Vikings should be (and will be) all over paying this man to be our starting safety for years to come.

Do I want him to come back? Oh heavens yes.
Do I think he WILL come back? Yes. Yes. Yes.

Trevor Siemian, Quarterback

I got zero warm and fuzzies knowing Siemian was 1 sprained ankle away from having to lead the Vikings offense. I think ole Trevor will be 1 and done in Minnesota. Look for the Vikings to hand over the back-up duties to Mr. Sloter.

Do I want him to come back? No
Do I think he WILL come back? No, I think he served his purpose to give Sloter another year of seasoning before he takes over #2.[/et_pb_text][/et_pb_column]